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First In-Person Event in South Florida Region

December 2022

MIAMI, Florida —Excitement is mounting for the first-ever regional Met@Chabad in-person event to be held in South Florida this coming Thursday, December 8.

Launched just last year by Chabad Young Professionals International, Met @Chabad’s acclaimed three-pronged approach of AI, personal matchmaking, and education has met with wild success. Thousands of young Jewish singles have signed up for speed dating events, contributing to a database that is both vast in numbers and deep in details.

Unlike any other such database, the folks at Met @Chabad have developed an extensive questionnaire that prompts participants to focus on their values and use that as the centerpiece of their dating goals. While most of Met @Chabad’s live activity happens in virtual spaces, these in-person events bring the intentional and intelligent dating to the clinking glasses and swanky venues of the typical young adult social event.

Instead of a large “mixer” event that sees hundreds of young people milling about hoping against hope that luck will strike and they’ll meet someone roughly in their own universe, the Met @Chabad event is designed to take the randomness out of it, making for a purposeful and fruitful experience for all.

And there’s much reason to hope for good results. Using the abovementioned algorithm, participants are asked to fill in the questionnaire before the event. Upon arrival, they will be seated in unique “clusters,” not based on which team they’re following in the World Cup or taste of music, but rather based on their values distilled in the algorithm.

Trained dating coaches, as well as representatives from Met @Chabad headquarters at Merkos 302 in New York, will be on-site to facilitate conversation and connection. To get things going, there will be a values-based game to help participants explore and unpack what really matters to them—and hopefully, their future spouse too.

To sweeten the deal, the exclusive event will be held in a private residence in South Florida, an extravagant venue to set the tone. Many thanks to the longtime friend and supporter of Met @Chabad, who will be the gracious host. All told, the stars are aligning for something truly special.

“For quite some time already, so many of the young adults in our community have been hearing about Met @Chabad or are even personally involved,” said Rabbi Sholom Meir Holzkenner of CYP Las Olas. “We’re really excited to finally get the opportunity to see it happen in real life and tap into Jewish wisdom on dating and marriage firsthand.”

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