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Fall in love with
a new way to date

Your standards are not too high. Discover a league of singles looking to connect on shared values and elevated standards — so you can stop swiping and find The One.

 Combining cutting-edge AI + expert matchmaking  to help you find your Forever Person.


It’s time to upgrade your dating experience.
Discover a new way to date.
No swiping required. 

So, how does it work?




Apply by filling out our questionnaire, so we can learn about your personality, passions and values, and what you want in a partner.



We’ll pair you with a matchmaker who will conduct a thorough interview to get to know you, and help you get to know yourself.



Guided by our AI, your personal dating coach will match you up with hand-picked dates, and be there to answer any questions you have along the way.

How it works

By joining Met at Chabad Premium, you will be connected with one of our dedicated matchmakers who will act as your personal networker and assist you in finding the one. You stay in control of who you date, we’re just refining your search. 

Your personal matchmaker will conduct an in-depth interview to get to know you, your personality, your values, and your passions.

Based on your AI-determined matches our team will thoroughly vet, interview, and select matches with strong potential to be your best match.

All we ask is that you dedicate yourself and make the time to allow us to help you. We want nothing more than to help you find the one. 






Join thousands in our community of verified members


Monthly virtual dating events


In-person local events


AI-based matches

Ages 18-49






Get paired with a personal relationship coach


90 min self-discovery session
with your personal coach


Personalized matches

Ages 18-40





  • What's required from me?
    Communication is key!! Respecting both the matchmaker and the people that you are set up with is the only way that this can work.
  • How involved is my matchmaker going to be?
    Once a match is suggested and both people agree to meet, your matchmaker will help set up the first date. It is important to keep your matchmaker in the loop. This way she can be available if you have any questions, and will also know whether or not she should continue searching for another potential date with new understanding.
  • How many matches will I get?
    A matchmaker isn't just trying to give you matches and dates. We are working towards finding you the one and only. There is no guarantee for a specific amount of dates, but we guarantee that we will be searching with your criteria in mind and will be working hard to find you potential matches.
  • How long after I sign up can I expect to get matches?
    After you finish your interview your matchmaker will begin working with you. You are always able to reach out and check-in.
  • How do I know I am ready for a matchmaker?
    Are you ready to prioritize your dating life? Being proactive is necessary when finding the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Your matchmaker is working together with you and needs your investment to make this a successful partnership. ,
  • Will my matchmaker actually take the time to get to know me?
    YES! A professional matchmaker will conduct a comprehensive 1.5 hour interview with you to uncover your dating goals, your personality, your values, your passions and hobbies. The algorithm does the legwork, but we depend on talented matchmakers (who take the time to get to know YOU) for the real magic to happen.
  • I have more questions. Who can I ask?
    Of course you do! You're Jewish. :) We're happy to answer all your questions. Just email us at
  • How is Met @ Chabad different from other online dating apps?
    Met@Chabad is the ONLY dating app for young Jewish professionals that combines advanced AI-based matchmaking PLUS a real human matchmaker PLUS a serious vetting process. This means you know potential partners are Jewish (verified), legit (no sketchiness or age-fudging people floating around), and potentially a fit for you (with a whole team working on each match, chances are looking a whole lot better). While other dating databases = endlessly swiping, hoping for the "match in the haystack", Met@Chabad offers true concierge service so you have the best shot at lasting happiness.
  • Can my matchmaker stick around throughout the dating process to answer questions and give me guidance?
    Absolutely! Your matchmaker is your personal dating coach, holding your hand (and watching over your heart) throughout your experience. Our matchmakers are excellent at giving ideas for date activities, guiding when you're confused, and simply being there to talk things out. You can involve your matchmaker as much or as little as you'd like - it's up to you. (Optional follow up calls billed at $100 for a 45 minute session.)
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