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Finding A Soulmate - A Blunt Conversation

Are you having difficulties finding your soulmate? If yes, welcome to the club... What exactly is a soulmate and how do I identify the right one for me? Besides for physical, emotional and intellectual compatibility, what else should I be looking for? What blind spots or other self-defeating behavior may be blocking me from recognizing my bashert? Is there such a thing as a a bashert, and then why is it so difficult to find him or her?

Join Rabbi Jacobson in this important class as he candidly addresses the critical issue of finding and building healthy relationships. The traps, the pitfalls and the distortions; the yearning, the beauty anf the fulfillment. And above all: Practical things that you can do to change your future for the better.

- Discover the three signs we learn from Isaac and Rebecca to recognizing a soulmate.

- Learn the fourth, secret ingredient necessary in identifying a soumate -- beyond physical, emotional and in tellectual compatibility.

- Come away with fresh ideas and newfound hope in your future of finding a lasting and loving partner in life.


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